Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Gay Erotic Film: "Boys In The Sand"

"Boy In The Sand"

"Boys in the Sand" is a landmark American gay pornographic film.

The 1971 film was directed by Wakefield Poole and stars Casey Donovan. "Boys in the Sand" was the first gay porn film to achieve crossover success and one of the earliest porn films of any stripe to gain mainstream credibility, preceding 1972's "Deep Throat" by nearly a year.

Produced on a budget of $8,000, the film is a loose collection of three segments depicting Donovan's sexual adventures at a gay beach resort community. Promoted by Poole with an advertising campaign unprecedented for a pornographic feature, Boys in the Sand premiered in New York City in 1971 and was an immediate critical and commercial success.

The film brought star Donovan international recognition. A sequel, "Boys in the Sand II", was released in 1986 but was unable to match the success of the original.

The film's title is a parodic reference to the Mart Crowley play and film "The Boys in the Band".

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