Saturday, June 27, 2009

Did Michael Jackson want to be white?

Photographs of the cute, fresh-faced child with the big Afro hairstyle bear little resemblance to the man Michael Jackson became in later life. Was he trying to turn himself into a white man? It certainly seemed so.

His paranoia about his appearance stemmed from childhood. Apparently, one of his father's insults was to call him Big Nose.

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Mitchell said...

It is called self loathing. It is obvious to me that he hated all things black.
If you noticed in that interview with Martin Bashir, all of the pictures, painting and sculptures in his home depicted people of European descent. Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astair , Peter Pan, Marilyn Monroe. Those were the people he found to be beautiful in his eyes. I don't even believe I saw a Pic. of his own Mom. in the joint. For those who think that Vitilago caused his loss of pigmentation, I politely disagree, That was a convenient excuse to complete the transformation process from black to white IMO. Why the nose? Why the hair? why buy two white children from an ugly white woman and a surrogate white father? He did not want any black kids carrying around his name or his fame or his money. His Standard of Beauty seems to be Blond hair, Blue eyes, Pink skin and straight hair. He even lost the soulful sound that he use to have after the tragic transformation. It has occurred to me also that Michael did not even want to be male. He feminized himself so he could be a single Mother. If he wanted to be a Father he would have used his own sperm. Liza said all hell will break loose, we may find that he altered his genitalia also. Hmmmmm.