Saturday, August 23, 2008

Britney Spears Sex Tape? - Where is it?

Maybe it was all a joke.

As we all know by now, loose lips sink more than ships in Hollywood. It has now been 'leaked' that there still just might be a Britney Spears Sex Tape floating around. Or is there? Only time will tell. And if there is? It could just be another ploy/tactic for someone to reap the rewards' of scandal. Even as strange as it may sound. It happens'.

But to fuel your appetite, heres' more Celebrities who have appeared in "Sex Tapes".

DKNY Be Delicious $16 - $68 I want it

The new succulent scent from New York. A city ripe with possibilities. DKNY Be Delicious invites you to take a bite out of life. The first seduction - It''s worn by her, lusted after by him.

Innocent, sexy, wholesome, provocative. Raw in its sensuality, friendly in its spirit. A scrumptious, tempting sesation to touch, smell, share, and call your own.

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