Friday, August 15, 2008

"Gossip Girl" - Season 2

First Look: 'Gossip Girl' Season 2

Just a few more weeks until the Sept. 1 return of "Gossip Girl." What can we expect our favorite online gossip columnist to divulge in her summer report? Here's our best guesses based on these sneak-peak shots from the premiere.

...Dan had broken up with Serena for lying and keeping things from him, you know, like the fact that she may have killed someone. In the first season finale, she found solace in Nate, who had inexplicably also ended his budding romance with Vanessa. What have they been doing for the summer? (Besides attending white-on-white formals.) Hopefully, no old feelings have been reignited -- we're looking at you, Nate.

Now that Vanessa is out of the picture, who didn't see this one was coming: A beautiful older woman (played by Madchen Amick) is going to set her sights on the newly single Nate. Will she seduce him? Has she already? This story is sort of a soapy teen drama staple, isn't it? Remember Pacey and Ms. Jacobs? At least we know how it will (probably) end.

When Chuck stood up Blair last season, leaving her stranded at the airport (for Lydia Hearst, no less), we knew he'd regret it. Here's why: He's about to get some healthy competition from Marcus (played by new cast member Patrick Heusinger). Seems like some summer lovin' ensued in Italy while Blair was away. Best get movin' Mr. Bass.

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