Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is your Gay Boyfriend Brainwashed?

San Francisco Gay rights activist, freelance writer and blogger David Nahmod has been issued a 1 year restraining order(enforceable in all states) by a arizona judge, from posting the names or hometown address on the Internet of certain people Mr. Nahmod currently has a dispute(s) with.

Mr. Nahmod has also been told not to approach 'people in this dispute'(Mr. Nahmod say's he never intented to), and that he also cannot do "anything that encourages others to harass" them, including posting identifying information online.

So....not to make light of Mr.Nahmod's situation, but if YOU or SOMEONE YOU MAY KNOW has or feel's they may have, a 'brainwashed gay boyfriend' may want to read this article by Lauren Smiley.

May they all survive to get this thing straightened out and get back to their daily lives.

Mr. Nahmod made' this statement at his website:

"...My story will be told. It will reach far and wide, and it will stand as a stunning argument for Marriage Equality. It will also cry out to protect the civil rights of the mentally ill...."

Here's Davids Blog. Best to David.

source: Lauren Smiley - San Francisco Weekly

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1 comment:

David Alex Nahmod said...

A little late in the day, since your post is nearly a year old,
but Truth Wins Out, a major
gay rights watchdog group, has verified that my story is true:

Truth Wins Out goes on to report that Beecher, my ex, has been isolated from virtually the entire gay community, and that friends (people other than myself) were stopped from contacting him by his housemates.

This story is a sad example of what Christian conservatives do to us when they think no one is looking.
In fact, I now have a CD recording of the court hearing: the plaintiff makes anti-gay remarks in open court. The judge saw nothing wrong with this.

Here's the most disturbing
thing of all:
By a shocking 90% margin, people who claim to be gay activists have told me that they don't care,
and that attitude is what enables the Religious Right.

More than anything, we LGBTs need to come together.
We need to stand in support of each other againt this kind of hate.