Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia vs Avril Lavigne-

Heres' an interesting comment written by C.K. LIEW, Seri Kembangan. The comment was written in response to Avril Lavigne's concert being banned in Southeast Asia and it appears in the Malayasian Publication "Star".

Just before the comment appeared, an article ("Some of our artistes are really bad influences") regarding the banning of Lavigne's concert in Malaysia, had been written.

This is what C.K.LIEW had to say:

"....I REFER to the letter “Some of our artistes are really bad influences” (The Star, Aug 28). I agree with her absolutely.

If local artistes are to be compared with foreign ones(from the U.S.), the former resemble heavy metal bands instead of rock bands.

The difference between heavy metal and rock is that rock songs are milder in tune. As for Avril Lavigne, she is a pop-rock artiste, whose songs are much milder than any heavy metal tunes.

So my suggestion to the authorities who pushed to ban the concert is not to involve religious matters in such issues and do some research before making any embarrassing remarks. It not only embarrasses you but also our entire country.

During my student days in Canada, not only my neighbour but also polls published in local newspapers said that parents were more comfortable to have their daughters dressed like Avril Lavigne than Britney Spears...."


Seri Kembangan.

The comment was posted in August 31, 2008.

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