Monday, August 18, 2008

Sex Tape: The videotape that almost destroyed a young female singers career.

Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young was a young talented singer from Korean burning up the charts in her home country.

Baek was a Korean pop singer who’s career started in 1999. Her first album to hit the charts was entitled “Sorrow”. The album was a unusual mixture of latin beats and Korean pop songs. The album became very popular and the singles from the album became even more popular and thus made her a new rising star in Korean pop music.

Her second album was called ‘Rouge’ and also did well on the charts now establishing her as one of the hottest new dance music singers in Korea.

Her fame took a big hit when in 2000, a videotape of her engaging in sex with her manager hit the internet. Baek claimed to have not known that the scenes were being videotaped at the time, and she tried to apologize to the press and her many fans. There was a huge drop in her popularity.

After the release of the videotape she released a another album entitled “Tres”. The album did not fair as well with sales. Baek decided that it was now time to take a much needed break from the music business.

Two years later, she released her third album entitled “Smile’ in 2003, which did better than her second album, but sales were still very weak.

She received somewhat a comeback with her next album in 2006, “Smile again’ featuring less up tempo and more ballards. The single “I wont love’ received a bigger response and proved to be very popular. She was now once again heading back up the charts.

In 2006 Baek won the “Best Female Solo Singer’ award, and also released her sixth album “The Sixth Miracle’ featuring her hit single ’I only need one love’, which also won her an album award in 2008 at the Seoul Music Awards.

As of 2008 Baek was due to have several cysts removed from her vocal cords. Baek is now 32 years old.

Update: The Los Angeles Police Department say that they now have a man in custody who at one time was Baek Young’s manager. It is believed that he may have been solely responsible for the distribution of the sex tape. According to police reports it is now confirmed that the former manager, 45 year old Kim Seok-wan was arrested in the Los Angeles section of Koreantown. He is believed to have been wanted for over two years on charges of having sex with minors.

Bail has been denied and he is currently in a Los Angeles jail. He has been wanted by the Korean police since 2000, on charges of having distributed the sex tape on the internet, and defamation to Baek Youngs career.

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